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*   Study shines light on genetic aberrations of aggressive breast cancers

*   A step-by-step guide to Concept Signature (ConSig) Analysis

*   Heterogeneous Expression Profile Analysis: discovering tumor specific genome.

Welcome to Wang Laboratory

The Demand of the Cancer Genome:

The advancements of high-throughput transcriptomic, genomic and deep sequencing technologies have generated a flood of data in the public domain and private warehouse. However, the laboratory discoveries based on the analysis of these data have met with limited success. Innovative computational technologies and integrated experimental approaches that can address the driving biological problems in cancer are of high demand.

Figure1. Decoding the Cancer Genome for the Cure ...

Our Lab Scheme:

Wang laboratory is a cancer genomics and molecular targeting lab at University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. The mission of our lab is to apply a multiple disciplinary approach inclusive of bioinformatics, genetics, molecular and cell biology, and translational studies to detect driving genetic aberrations and qualify appropriate cancer targets on the basis of next generation sequencing and genome profiling technologies.

Research Goals:

  • Develop innovative and integrative computational technologies to discover causal genetic and epigenetic alternations, viable therapeutic targets, and predictive biomarkers in cancer.
  • Experimentally characterize individual genetic and epigenetic aberrations in breast cancer such as recurrent gene fusions, genomic amplifications, and epimutations.
  • Experimentally qualify viable cancer targets and predictive biomarkers for the development of precision therapeutics in breast cancer.

Wang Laboratory @ University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.